who interact every day on social networks,

Due to the millions of users who interact every day on social networks, planning marketing actions on these channels is the fastest and most effective way to get the message to consumers. Therefore, today, Social Mia Marketing must be includ in your company’s marketing and communication plan as an essential technique. However, many people find it difficult to find the exact steps to connect with the consumer, create a community and even link

Corporate Social Responsibility policies

Corporate Social Responsibility policies to the digital communication strategy. In this #ENyDOpenclass we have seen how to communicate your message through social networks  and how to establish strong links with your target audience from Nuria Robleño B2b Email List   Arana, CEO and co-founder of Royo, an online Spanish sustainable fashion brand that she runs together with his partner Sofía Machin and which is proving very successful thanks to its

A good way to start undertaking is to

b2b email list

communication campaign linkto its CSR. ROYO BRAND And it is not only necessary to have the desire to start a business and make it work the first time. You have to study the market to know which is the most appropriate niche to target and see which ones there are more and less demand from consumers. Still, success is BX Leads  never guaranteed. A good way to start   undertaking is to write down all the ideas that come to you and get new ideas from those first things that occurred to you. Investigate how far you can go with each one, which one motivates you the

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