Google My Business: What It Is and How It Works

Google my business: what it is and . How it works google my business is google’s free service to help people find your business. Create your own tab with this guide. Google my business is a have you heard of it? Yes, but you haven’t created your card yet. You are in the right place: we will help you to do it! But first, here’s some more information. Why is google my business so important to your business? Google-my-business-cose-come-funziona.Jpg_2 google . My business is critical to your business and the reason is simple. How many times do you look for a company . On google or google maps to find out where it is.  What does it sell, what are its schedules, in short, to get more information? 

Why is Google My Business so important to your business?

It happens to us every day. At home, by car, New Data in the office or at the bar, we often look for some local activity.  Whether it is a pizzeria for the evening, a new restaurant to try or a hotel to book your next holidays. Light your own brand. Let’s talk about it!  Imageimage much of our research, and most.  Likely also of yours, focuses on local activities and, as a result. Passes through google maps and the local pack, that is, that part of.  The results dedicated to companies that are in your vicinity and that . Offer products and services related to your research. Read also: google-local-pack the google local pack we optimize your.  Google my business card. Write to us! In addition, given the exponential increase in smartphone searches in recent years,

We optimize your Google My Business card.

My business tab has become even more. BX Leads  Important when browsing from mobile, as in most cases it ranks . Above the website, showing the user the address of your business, . The button that leads to your site, and the phone number to contact you. Mobile display if your business, therefore, is aimed at a local audience,.  You cannot afford to lose such a valuable access point. Do you agree? Let’s move on to the action then: let’s start creating your google my business tab. Light your own brand. Let’s talk about it! Imageimage how to create your google my business tab.  Go to https://www.Google.It/intl/en/business/.  To access the google my business main screen and press the green button at the top right, “proof now”.

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