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one of the greatest showcases that exist today for companies , since they can make themselves known in many parts of the world with a minimum monetary investment. It is at this point where the transparency of a brand has to be reflected more than ever. Messages and information must be transmitted clearly to achieve customer loyalty, something that is more difficult when it comes to an online store. “Social networks are tools that help to be closer to the consumer in an easy and accessible way for everyone, so the more details you give to your target audience, the more they   will empathize with the brand and the product or service you offer. Still, you have to know that just as social networks can bring you closer to your clients, they can distance you just as

It is a daily job that should not be abandoned

quickly, so you have to know how to handle them correctly and consciously. It is a daily job that should not be abandoned under any circumstances, much less used to deceive or sell your product or service as something it is not,” explains the CEO of Royo. digital content creation In this sense, we see how Social Media Marketing is essential to carry out a good digital marketing strategy in your company. If you don’t know how to get started, the best option is to present your brand to the public . “Starting is  Business Email List the hardest step because you never know if you are doing it right or not. In our case, we spent many months telling through Instagram how the process was going for our brand to see the light. We uploaded videos and audiovisual content presenting the

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Business Email list

brand, but always keeping the secret of which products were going to be sold,” explains the #ENyDOpenclass speaker. This strategy served to keep the public intrigued during the months of presentation of the brand and little by little they became entrenched in it without really knowing what it consisted of. In this way, the communication campaign went viral because there were many expectations created. “IN MARKETING THE PRE-LAUNCH PHASE IS VERY IMPORTANT, BUT WE MUST NOT FORGET THE POST-LAUNCH.” A good way to captureBX Leads customers’ attention is by creating visual, eye-catching and original content that conveys the brand’

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