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Behind the backs of film distributors, they whisper that the old promotional schemes do not work, and teams need to be changed to those who know how to work with TikTok and Instagram. However, cinemas do not speak loudly about this. So, this situation suits. And paying 50 percent to distributors on the condition of a practical failure of advertising campaigns is now also normal. The editorial chat exploded at the end of June with violent indignation of the remnant of active representatives of the cinema industry that cinemas do not understand how they should now organize their work with hired bookers of film distributors.  the matter ended with anyone. We can only assume: Vanyushka agreed with Manyushka.

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The general situation of the market and does not affect it in any way. Now cinemas are writing that they can’t cope and that they need to take Qatar Phone Number List loans again, but the rates bite. Although some were lucky, they were able to take out state-subsidized loans at 3 percent. They now have a different pain, how to give them away after six months. We were sent comments from businessmen from other areas: they are already writing letters to ministries and the Government in their specialized associations about prolonging terms or about options for working with rates in order to lengthen the terms of returns. Whether they write to AVK is, as usual, a mystery.

The editorial staff did not hear from

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Anyone about the options for applying to state bodies for help. This is a mystery to us. That is, the money that the lucky ones received at the beginning of 21 years has not yet been fully spent? And how those who did not receive this gift of fate then live, how they cope – they would tell the public. This is an entrepreneurial feat in today’s BX Leads times. Who are you and where are you, heroes of a difficult time, how have your colleagues. Distribution companies, landlords and service providers helped you? I constantly encounter complaints about the price policy of cinemas. Those who watch movies write what is dear to them, those who distribute movies.

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