The summer season camps in the UAIS

It turns out that every third employee in the advertising industry is depressed. A friend told me that she had read a study on this topic in RBC and was ready to go to a psychotherapist for another portion of antidepressants. She would have the problems of film distributors, here every first one is either in apathy or is already laughing, because there is nothing more to cry over.  looked like an unsuccessful game of roulette. You yourself know everything, so I omit the subtleties of disputes and rates. Moreover, as usual, our editor-in-chief demands to remove the emotional approach and do serious analytical work.

Our editor-in-chief, what is there to do here?

Every week cinemas wrote to us about their expectations. A little more, a little more, but there are still no good fees. As in the film distribution industry in general, there is nothing. You have noticed how quiet it has become everywhere – they no Portugal Phone Number List longer make forecasts, they don’t play foresights of the future. After the June conference of AVK, all the fees were licked up by the tongue. No hints, if anything. Just such a fact. Before – it was, after – it was not. We thought that we would slip through the planned repertoire, so we were waiting for Hollywood releases, but something broke. Something is not going the way it was before the pandemic.

For example, the climatic factor

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It suddenly became hotter than before the pandemic, showers and floods surged unexpectedly – did this affect film distribution? Movie theaters say yes, but I think no. Cinemas are well ventilated and air conditioned. Sit down and BX Leads enjoy the air with a nice modern trendy picture. But for some reason, the audience does not come and are not happy. Suppose the reason is summer. Suddenly, summer has come, and before this 2021 there was no sunny season in Russia. We have looked at the statistics of the summer months since the UAIS appeared – interestingly, but it breaks this argument. In the summer there were also differences with the repertoire, and there were fewer cinemas, and they c and spectators by an order of magnitude more.

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