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That is, films are release but the viewer does not know about them. Hence the “long” release, which we observe, when films “stretch” for 4-5 weeks, even in one-two screens. Unfortunately, the final commercial result still leaves much to be desire. Perhaps, of course, with the stabilization of the schedule, the issue will be settle and budgets will increase. And on the other hand, the cherishe dream of distributors can come true – the release of the film without large advertising investments, There has been a dramatic change in content quality.

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A monetary” barrier to production and distribution made it possible for a huge number of authors to realize themselves. Sadly, a huge army of hacks who play on modern trends and human vices has been adde to a relatively small number Peru Phone Number List of talente figures.  content, but it also affecte films release in the cinema. Secondary, lack of plot, poor acting, attempts to monetize the success of relate genres (comics, games) actively steppe onto the screens. On the other hand, films and serials of very high quality appeare, which also deprive cinemas of a part of the audience.

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Action scenes in the series practically put an end to the action movie genre for the cinema. At least for a while. Overhead costs are rising I will give a simple example. More than ten years ago I worke in a two-screen cinema. If a movie’s revenue exceede 2 million rubles, we were paid a bonus. The salary of the controller was 7,000 rubles with BX Leads a schedule of 1 through 2. So, 2 million and in the current situation is not bad revenue for a two-screen cinema, but the salary of the controller has increase 3-4 times. And so on for all positions – lamps, electricity, consumables. Do not forget about the new “taxes” that were invente for cinemas – online cash registers, data transfer to the UAIS, acquiring. The following point follows smoothly from the above.

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