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For quite a long time there were no materials that would cause active discussion. This is connected, in my opinion, not with the absence of events, there were just enough of them, but with a kind of “stupor” into which the industry fell. Where to go next? Should we build new sites? Take vacant seats? Or sell everything you have as long as it’s even worth something? All these and many other similar questions worried each of us during this period. I will try to outline the main trends that have emerged recently. Perhaps this will help someone determine a further strategy, perhaps it will simply put their thoughts in order. I urge everyone to also actively express their opinion in the comments.

So let’s get started

The cinema ceased to be the exclusive provider of content The widely practiced, and most importantly successful, experience of hybrid film releases in cinemas and online has become a reality. Moreover, some streaming services provide the Paraguay Phone Number List opportunity to watch at home a very high-quality product that is not available in cinemas. Many premieres are released on services that we do not yet have. In our reality, this means that the film is available on pirate sites the very next day in excellent quality and with professional voice acting, and completely free of charge. When a film comes out with “them” before the start with us, it hits the box office even more.

If earlier this problem

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Was brushed aside, citing the fact that people who watch “pirate” go to the cinema rarely, now such a “pirate” has become completely legal and has “bitten off” a piece of the cinema audience. The advertising budget for the film’s release has been BX Leads severely cut. Perhaps this only affected projects that were repeatedly postponed. Of course, spending money multiple times to release the same movie is unwise. Especially if the advertising campaign was launched and the film was postponed. And so several times. But as a result, we get an almost complete lack of information from a large part of potential viewers about the release date, its content and strengths.

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