The infamous Krasnodar Territory

But time has passed. People are quitting. The service is down. But tax collections are growing and growing, it is necessary to feed those who accept everything for something, this is what is written above. There are absolutely egregious situations in the regions: My personal winner is Rostov. Nothing is allowed, everything is closed, only the Elections are possible. A heap of prohibitions one on top of the other, without meaning, but as much as possible!!! You can only enter the restaurant if you are vaccinated, only with a code, only in a helmet, with a urine test and the personal permission of the governor.

That’s pretty much how it is right now

Where covid bypasses artfully crowded beaches, but children’s centers have been closed for 16 months. 16 Mr. Governor, months. Zero help. Zero. Why is the governor sitting on ……. smooth?! And there are 18 more such regions. With Panama Phone Number List varying degrees of irresponsibility. The only good news is that there are more and more of us in this fight against indifference and idiocy: thanks to the SME Corporation helps business and Nadezhda Mashkova and Alexander Isaevich for daily complex dialogues. In fact, now it turned out to be the only organization that actually solves regional troubles with closures and restrictions with our hands every day. Thanks to the governors of the Kaliningrad and Trans-Baikal Territories, thanks, Moscow and the.

Mosco Region general

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Lately, thanks to everyone who has a brain – this is a valuable and rare piece of jewelry now. As an illustration of the fact that this is a rarity – a funny example. Today Lilya ( Note Cinemaplex . Lilia Talipova – Anastasia Tatulova’s BX Leads assistant) made 5 letters, and they went to the addressees. I post one unique. The letter very well characterizes the relationship in Russia between those who write the demands and those who are forcedto live in this all … Letter from the surprised Tatulova to the Ministry of Emergency Situations))) Dear Evgeny Nikolaevich! ​From January 1, 2021, Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation of September 16, 2020 N 1479 “On Approval of the Rules for the Fire Prevention Regime in the Russian Federation” came into force, in accordance with clause 33 of which banners and banners.

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