Pay as You Want The Cynism of the Extreme

Small and medium business in the current economic situation was left out of the Russian economy. Anastasia Tatulova, founder of the Anderson family cafe network, public ombudsman for small and medium-size businesses, head of the working group of the Expert Council of Entrepreneurs at the SME Corporation, share her opinion on this matter on her personal Facebook page . With the permission of the author, we present this text, the author’s style is preserve. My every day is conversions. Letters. Official, of course, because without them you can get a promise – but not get a result. And unofficial. Whatsapp, by phone. In Telegram.

Hundres of conversations, dozens of letters

Behind every letter are ruinepeople. Somewhere one person, somewhere a thousand. Close regions – entrepreneurs are not given Norway Phone Number List the opportunity to work. hey have unpaid salaries to employees = criminal cases with a real prison term. They have landlords who understand everything, but cannot wait another year until we defeat covid again. For officials who make / do not make decisions, these are not people, these are pieces of paper. The most affecte: the children’s industry and food courts. This is something that, without thinking twice, is closd by idiotic decrees – without any help.

Regional authorities they say that

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RPN are eternal friends of business, they are not allowedto open. RPN – says: everything is a lie, the local authorities decide for themselves. Apart from Moscow, there are no subsidies and assistance anywhere. The federal government disowne immdiately (except for the stunningly generous government decree, which was announce by BX Leads Reshetnikov – half the minimum wage per employee) – they say the regions themselves let them decide. Bottom line: pay employees as you want, and not even the minimum wage (I’m generally silent about half). Pay rent. Yes, you pay taxes too. The cynicism of the beyond. It is surprising that even the Elections are no longer scary. Sane governors hear: with difficulty, but opening a business.

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