Implement faceted navigation correctly to give your pages the best chance at ranking

Faceted navigation allows visitors to filter the products on category and subcategory pages. Here’s what it looks like: Faceted navigation example, via Despite its usefulness for visitors, it can cause serious SEO issues for e-commerce websites because filter combinations often create new parameterized URLs. For example, if you filter for on-ear headphones, it may create a URL like this: /headphones/?color=red&brand=sony&type=wired Even if you only have a handful of filters, there can be thousands of combinations. That means thousands of new URLs that Google can end up crawling and potentially indexing.

Chapter 2. Keyword research

Keyword research helps you understand how people search for what you sell. You can use this knowledge to create subcategories and product pages that cater to search demand. Let’s look at how to do this. Find keywords for subcategory pages Subcategory top industry data pages show the types of products you sell in a category. For example, a “headphones” category may have subcategories like “wired” and “wireless.” You probably already know some subcategories that make sense for your store. But as people search in many ways, it’s useful for SEO to create subcategories that align with 

Find keywords for product pages

Product keyword research isn’t really a thing if you sell branded products, as people will search for the products themselves. For example, there are an estimated 622K monthly searches in the U.S. for “airpods pro.” Estimated U.S. monthly search volume for “airpods pro,” via Ahrefs’ Keywords Explorer If you sell these headphones, your product page already targets that keyword. However, if you’re selling unbranded products or BX Leads products from unknown names, you may want to find and target more descriptive terms that people search for. For example, let’s say you sell a pair of cat ear headphones. Unless people are specifically searching for the brand or model, it may be better to target a relevant keyword that people actually search for, such as “cat ear headphones.”

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