The importance of the message or how to capture the viewer’s attention

Capturing the attention of viewers is the absolute principle of any advertising strategy. And Bob Hoffman. One of the current figures most critical of the world of advertising and author of the blog The Ad Contrarian. Writes precisely about this topic . In fact, it has highlighted the importance of the message in the media and in advertisements . “I know it’s very old-fashioned these days to say that the most important part of an ad is the message,” he begins, “but I can’t help but believe that the success of my recording career doesn’t depend as much on how many songs I release and where I release them as it does. 

He also addresses the issue of confidentiality and data privacy

He also addresses the issue of confidentiality industry email list and data privacy in his opinion column and gives the case of Facebook as an example . According to what she reveals. There have been high-level workers in this company who have stated that they do not know how to find users’ personal information. Bob Hoffman’s aversion to social networks and the digital environment is well known. For this reason, he insists on remembering that this Monday. Meta , Facebook’s parent company.  Fined $400 million by European regulators in Ireland for violating privacy laws in its treatment of children’s data on Instagram. 

Brand purpose and 'greenwashing'

In fact, he says that Unilever BX Leads has invested heavily in “brand purpose” as a marketing tactic. Its CEO Alan Jope, said: “We believe the evidence is clear and compelling that brands with purpose grow. We believe this so strongly that we are willing to commit to making every Unilever brand a brand with purpose in the future.” To this, Hoffman has responded that there are brands that do not need introductions and has mocked those companies that. After many years of making themselves known. Still need to explain what their business mission is. Likewise, he criticized those companies that take greenwashing to the extreme.

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