Growing sectors and categories

Growing sectors and categories According to the ecommerce report. The signs for the future are positive: from 2018 to 2023. Further growth in e-commerce is estimat in various sectors such as electronics . Food and personal care . Furniture and appliances . Objects and fashion . In particular. Fashion and fashion will see an increase in turnover: from 4.48 billion euros in 2018 to 6.71 billion in 2023.

Toys and diy products are also growing categories

Toys and diy products are also growing categories . In particular. The interest of new database italian e-shoppers is aim at gardening accessories. Pet care and tools for carrying out small jobs at home (with 9.45 million). Immiately follow by the purchase of toys and products for early childhood (with 9.43 million).Mia for enjoying digital content (books. Films. Video games and music) also dominate : in 2019 alone.

With a clear shift towards sustainability

Over 21.87 were spent on the purchase of new devices. By 2023. This segment is BX Leads expect to exce 58 million.Home care remains a priority for italians. With a clear shift towards sustainability even in their housing choices. An efficient but also smart home is the desire of italians.  Private label and influencer are two important phenomena in the evolution process of e-commerce. This is confirm by the results of research & insight

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