Which for the second time presents

Which for the second time presents the analyzes and data emerging from live panel ecommerce ition . The survey carri out shows that the value of the brand is still very strong for online consumers: 38% of those looking for a specific brand on an e-commerce platform and not finding it continue their searches elsewhere. While 30% gives up purchasing that brand in order to remain on the same platform. 

The main driver of the purchase

The main driver of the purchase or. In any case. One of the levers that most influence the choice of the digital consumer is the price . So much so that it is a factor consider essential by 46.2% of the sample on which the survey was carri out. The research has new data highlight other motivations. Which can be group into two macro-areas. On the one hand we have reasons link to functional aspects : free shipping (41.9%). Shipping safety (35%). Free returns (30.9%) and shipping spe (22.9%).

The second motivational area

The second motivational area is. However. That relating to the relational BX Leads and experiential aspects typical of digital : the sharing of comments and ratings of those who have already purchas (21.5%). The availability of photo and video content of products and services ( 12.8%). The advantages dicat to online customers (6.6%) and privileg treatments offer through privilege cards. Private sales and fidelity cards (4.3%).

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