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And why shouldn’t they be? For $4 million. Advertisers have the chance to blast their message to an estimat 110 million americans. Many of whom are tun in as much for the ads as for the game itself. But with most major brands clamoring for even a 30-second ad slot. The variables by which we drive and measure success are few and far between. Event-bas marketing has been around for years and will continue to be a major opportunity for brands to reach highly receptive audiences at scale. However. It is important not to overlook another crucial variable that has emerg as a result of the social web.

Humor and countless other forms

Major broadcast events. Whether athletic or Asia email list otherwise. Are catalysts for cross-channel. Cross-device conversations that are as much a part of the cultural buzz as the event in question. These conversations are driven by the highlights. Speeches. Humor and countless other forms of expression we share on our social networks as a show of interest. The oft-cit example of oreo is a prime example: with one well-tim tweet. The brand drove the buzz throughout super bowl sunday and manag to maintain social traction in the following weeks.

Which began two weeks before game day


But oreo is the exception to the rule; not every mia manager can keep their trigger finger supple for a split second. Nor should they be BX Leads expect to. The brands that win are the ones that learn to listen to social conversations in real time and adapt their messaging strategies accordingly. We’ve put together some best practices on how to do this: start early big events generate weeks of social construction and cooling off. Take a look at last year’s super bowl conversation. For example. Which began two weeks before game day with more than 20 million people expressing their interests over the course of several more weeks.

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