Cinema marketing becomes mobilization

To gather the hall, it is not enough to say that then a movie of such and such a genre comes out. Now we need to convince a person that this movie is worthy of the big screen, that he will get new impressions and emotions from such viewing. Accordingly, the promotion of feature films needs to be given more attention, including spending more time on it. For example, we launched the first teaser for Outpost a year ago and attached it to the film Gogol. Terrible revenge.” At VK Fest, five months before the film’s release, we created an.

Outpost” zone where people playe laser tag

They became part of a team of futuristic warriors who defend an outpost from an unidentifie enemy. We are trying to immerse future viewers in Ukraine Phone Number List the atmosphere of the film – this is one of the tasks of our marketing. Now, in order for a movie, especially Russian, to work, to gather viewers, it nees to be promote at least 6-8 months before the release. The imaginary Avengers have a fan base, the audience is waiting for them and will come to the show [regardless of the intensity of its marketing]. With Russian cinema, everything is more complicate – it takes a very long time to convince people [to watch it].

Because, unfortunately

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In the past there were many unpleasant moments with the quality of domestic films. And you have to convince – for a long time, systematically, using different tools, in all channels of communication: at festivals, on television, in digital. Come up BX Leads with non-standard moves so that people understand that you nee to go to this movie, that this is not a typical Russian film, but something spectacular. This is exactly what our team is working on. How is it manifeste in the promotion of films that films after the big screen will end up in the library of a paid video service?

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