The producers understood that it was very difficult

This is manifeste when the cinema is still thinking. When there is a script, pre-production begins, and the producers understand how much money needs to be investe in promotion, how much in production. An economic model is calculate, on the basis of which the overall budget is forme. If it’s a theatrical release, then [calculate] how much it will earn in theaters, how much on TV rights, on online rights and on international rights. Mezhdunarodka, by the way, is now actively growing. I know a lot of Russian films, in particular horror ones, that do not have super-record figures in the.

Russian box office

That is, they do well, great, but most of the earnings will still be receive abroad or on TV rights. And our films have different [economic] models. “Gogol” at one time appeare in the cinema only because the series was originally filme for TNT, but Uruguay Phone Number List was transferre to TV-3 when Fedorovich and Nikishov switche to this channel.  to recoup such a big-budget blockbuster only on television through advertising. And therefore they made an experimental decision at that time to release it in the cinema and earn money at the box office. As a result, the three parts of “Gogol” collected over 1.3 billion rubles at the box office.

Next came “Policeman from Rublyovka

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New Year’s Mayhem”, which has already collectd 1.8 billion with one film, is the highest grossing result in Russian history for comedies in film distribution. It is clear that the main part of the income of Russian films comes from BX Leads distribution, where there is a very clear and understandable economic system. When a movie comes out in cinemas, people pay money. Producers, distributor and cinemas share the procees. Producers understand how much they nee to earn to make a movie pay off. With online and other platforms it is often more difficult, there are completely different mechanics, and the market itself in Russia is only developing.

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