Where Are Forrester’s 13 Email Marketing Service Providers

The latest report scores b2c marketing offerings on 23 evaluation criteria, including acoustic, adobe, bluecore, braze, cheetah digital, cordial, and dot digital ( dotdigital, epsilon, exponea, iterable, oracle, salesforce, and zeta global.

Taking a closer look at platforms and ratings, zeta global, epsilon, oracle, and cheetah digital were selected as leaders, while salesforce, dot digital, cordial, acoustic, adobe, and ethereal were classified as strong performers. Braze, bluecore, and exponia still turned out to be competing parts.

The report identified three key criteria that differentiate email marketing solutions: data integration, artificial intelligence (ai) and professional services. Summarizing the relevance of the three email marketing initiatives, the report states, “marketers can rely on numerous types of data depending on whether ai can help them optimize processes as well as creativity, and whether vendors offer a level of professional service that suits their needs. We are interested in a way to immediately classify it.”

According to forrester, investment in vendor partner selection is much higher than in previous years. Email marketing providers have grown the market. This means that marketers can choose an email provider and pick up useful tools. There are also numerous insights into the state of email marketing providers.

The Report Found New Players Such As Bluecore Braze Cordial

Exponia, and iterable (founded since 2011) challenging the speed and scale of data management incumbents. Launched inope, dotdigital and exponia provide best practices for multilingual, multicurrency support.

Overall, there are more options to choose from when considering email marketing platforms, allowing marketers to buy specific products, services, and pricing models. Acoustic, for example, offers licenses based on bulk customer records or messages. Bluecore pays for users according to performance, and epsilon provides prices that include technology, data, and services.

Forrester said that both large marketing platforms and smaller vendors will offer specific solutions as well as versatile features. While zeta global provides industry-specific customer data and models if you look closely at vendors and tools, cheetah digital’s cheetah experience includes a library of widgets that collect zero-party data (zpd).

Dotdigital’s Commerce Intelligence Integrates Retail And Customer Dashboards


While bluecore dynamically personail email content and layouts based on user behavior, business and environmental context. Cordial provides self-service data transformation capabilities, allowing marketers to personalize emails with non-marketing data such as inventory or supply chain status.

Regarding the professional services model, the report noted how different platforms will cater to different types of customers. Players in this still confused market emphasized operational, strategic and creative services when managing margins and market demand.

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