This report is based on data from a survey. Of more than 7,000 marketing professionals in 30 countries. Around the world. As this report includes domestic data for the first time, the company. Expects that domestic marketers will be able to identify. Various insights that can be used to overcome the covid-19 crisis and innovate.

According to the report, the main topics. Of marketers around the world are provision of improved Customer experience digitization of marketing channels expanding the scope of ai. (artificial intelligence) utilization, etc. Interest in customer experience. Is growing as much as products and services, and ai in marketing. Activities utilization was also found to be increasing.

Of Marketers Said They Were Using Ai In Their Work

Compared to 29% of all marketers in 2018. This is an increase of 186% compared to 2018, and it was found that 91% of marketersKorea are actively using AI to secure connectivity between online and offline experiences. Salesforce predicts that the role of AI will gradually grow as the marketing environment becomes more complex.

Boo-han Son Ceo Of Salesforce Korea Said

According to the report, domestic marketers will increase the number of data resources to more than 20 by 2021, compared to 12 in 2019. Respondents said that innovation in marketing is essential for management.

As such, domestic marketers responded tation improvement of real-time engagement improvement of marketing ROI was the top priority in their work. Picked up.

Salesforce explained that domestic marketers are continuing various attempts to form meaningful customer contact points and foster customer relationships, and that the COVID-19 crisis will cause various changes in marketers’ strategic priorities.


We expect the demand for new technologies such as AI, 5G, and VR to surge due to rapidly increasing customer data and increasingly complex marketing channels.” , integrated management of marketing channels, and capture of potential opportunities.