We must then try to work with email marketing platforms

We must then try to work with email marketing platforms such as dopler so that when we carry out our automation we can guarantee high deliverability in gmail. Why do email marketing some wonder why do we have to do email marketing why promote through email marketing if we can do it through other means n’t email obsolete a recent study shows that globally it the most effective to generate conversions in e-commerce it email marketing since it much easier to suce someone who already knows us who already our client and we know.

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What they think and how it works so that they repurchase us. The conversion rate in digital channels email search engines direct traffic social networks data corroborates the importance of email. The other channels including referral and adverting although mobile app designs service they are not the strongest for conversions should part of the digital marketing strategy. Three recommend email automation flows to generate more sales . Newsletter the first automation flow the special promotions newsletter which sent monthly to the databases. Th flow can also work for a lead capture or welcome email.

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Key send the automat email to the contacts in the database if the contact opens the email another one must sent shortly after and so on until the contact takes the action we want it to do. If the contact does not open the email there are two options leave BX Leads it in quarantine and contact them later or send them a different email asking them about a topic that interests them Abandon cart the second automation flow the abandon cart very common on digital platforms. Key if the customer enters the e-commerce and leaves the cart abandon and after an hour two hours one day he receives.

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