Purchas most in the world in confirming that the computer

Purchas most in the world in confirming that the computer continues to. The device on which most purchases are made with a conversion. Rate on retail websites of Follow by the tablet with . And the smartphone with However it important to differentiate tween where people are buying the most and where they consult the most cause it on the smartphone where the most consultations are made. What sold the most in e-commerce in the fashion trade with its subcategories of clothing shoes bags and accessories. The growth projection of th category in spain to go from.

Some success stories in

Million in sales in to $ million in with a fairly high increase and although we do not have data for colombia the trend very similar to the one present in spain. Just as more people are entering e-commerce to buy the abandon cart rate has increas. cause the answer comes from a study by an international consulting firm which indicates mobile app development service that most people leave an abandon cart cause when they are pre-checking out high shipping costs appear that were not consider from the ginning. According to th study the main reasons for cart abandonment are encounter an unexpect shipping cost had to create a new user account and were just doing research.

The use of strategies supported

An interesting proposal would to offer the customer free shipping fore. They start the purchase to ruce th abandonment rate. Likewe regtration in e-commerce should fore the purchase without ing mandatory. Another interesting stattic shows the emails in BX Leads which the greatest numr of people consult the offers promotions and communications gmail . Apple iphone . Outlook . Apple ipad . Apple mail . And yahoo mail According to th data the most frequently consult email web client or email app gmail.

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