We Found Out About It Only When Foreign

What a miracle – there is not enough of its own, almost none, so that cinemas can feed freely. how the industry began to take shape. Before that, there was no experience, no knowledge, no cinemas. The people of the country of our cinema did not see, they sat on the branches and ate bananas. Soryan, bananas are for Africa. They clicked seeds. And  enemies (as a word! Grandma suggested) threw us and removed their beads and mirrors from here. Some kind of miracle – there is not enough of its own, almost none, so that cinemas can feed freely.

What’s next for him?

Oh, as usual – I have never heard how the film distributors will fight. Karen Georgievich, dear, okay, we at the editorial office have not heard Honduras Phone Number List how our distributors will fight with themselves. And who are your distributors? Studios? Movie theaters? I didn’t understand, honestly. Because next you propose to distributors to build a system that will produce 300 films. Come on, Karen Georgievich, and from whom you demand to build it, we will not be afraid to ask you a question. From the Krasnoyarsk cinema “Luch” or from the cinemas of Evgeny Busleyko?

These guys were happy, but they don’t have movie companies

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From distributors who resell the project for a percentage? We read with the whole editorial staff with granny (do not hide, do not hide from her) – You are the GENERAL DIRECTOR OF THE FILM CONCERN. What prevented you ove BX Leads the years from building that very competitive system in film distribution, which would allow releasing not 200, not 300, but all 500 films a year. Sobchak does not ask you about this, but our editor-in-chief would ask. Oh, this is where you, Karen Georgievich, would be asked by our best analyst of all the analysts available in the country – Sergey Lavrov. I’m sure he would have asked like this, why don’t you know at all what you rolled on the Russian market? How is it that we do not have European cinema?

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