The Circus Leaved

The turmoil in the industry of film screening, connected with the refusal of the state to provide assistance to cinemas from nowhere, has attracted the attention of not only officials and industry figures, but also your Dasha. Agree, it’s cool when suddenly the secret once again unexpectedly and expectedly became clear. Let me explain: the morning in the editorial office began with the fact that our Chief had caught a cold, calls and messages rained down with another question – how is it possible? Somewhat nasally, but, as usual, cheerfully and businesslike, the.

Chief gave the task to everyone to

Figure out what and where has been opened in the next and what invigorates our poor cinema market in the morning. The casket opened quickly and easily. It turns out that there was plenty of news on the cultural and not very front during the Hungary Phone Number List night. Let’s talk about them today. Yesterday’s events either with a refusal to help, or not from the state, either to everyone, or only to networks with foreign founders, about which, apparently, in our either the Ministry of Finance, or the Ministry of Culture, or, let’s not be afraid of this word , the Ministry of Economic Development, they found out only the day before yesterday, stirred up the public.

So much came

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For example, the well-respected Shark has decided that cinemas are closing this week. Therefore, this morning, theater sufferers were asked to urgently close their debts, otherwise that’s it – cinemas will not have a kin from May 19. Note that there will be no domestic cinema until the cinemas close all debts. There will be no domestic cinema BX Leads in empty and closing halls. Copies of the message with the question – what does this mean – flew to the editorial office in the morning. It doesn’t mean anything to the editor. You need to ask not the editors, but your beloved and respected Predator. We can only assume that the sincere and bitter appeals of cinema. Representatives yesterday about closing the halls by the end.

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