This spot brimming with lyricism from Renault stars a majestic robotic ballet

There are countless ways to sell the benefits of a car. The campaigns of brands in the automotive industry usually focus on the comfort. Ergonomics and connectivity of vehicles. But they rarely make the engine. Which is, after all, the soul of a car, the protagonist. And that is precisely what Renault. Publicis Conseil do in a new spot that exudes lyricism from every pore. The star of the advertisement is indeed the engine of the new Renault Austral. Which boasts. One of the most efficient hybrid engines in its category. The engine of this vehicle allows you to drive in electric. Mode up to 130 kilometers per hour on the highway and up to 80 kilometers per hour in the city with a combined consumption of just 4.6 liters per 100 kilometers.

Most efficient hybrid engine in its category

“With the, the new Austral allows Renault to renew the SUV segment with a product that truly lives up to its ambitions ,” underlines Arnaud Belloni, global CMO of Renault. The spot opens with a scene of an empty street shrouded in darkness. In the top industry data middle of the darkness, a black fabric flutters.Falls to the ground until revealing the contours of the new Renault Austral. The car is dismantled piece by piece by a pair of robots that, with their harmonious and rhythmic movements. Seem to undertake a beautiful ballet piece in the exercise of its task. Which is to reveal the heart of the car: its engine.

A version of Metallica's iconic ballad

Nothing Else Matters” reinterpreted for the occasion by Scala. Kolacny Brothers provides the soundtrack to the spot. Which is a superb BX Leads deconstruction of the true DNA of the Renault Austral: the E-Tech hybrid engine. Renault is a brand that has been working in recent times to reposition itself as a cutting-edge company in the automotive industry. Not in vain, the French company recently announced that it was working closely with Google on an advanced software platform for its future models.

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