The London N1 brings its products closer to consumers

The London Nº1, a gin brand of London origin, recently held an event at the Raddison Hotel in Bilbao, with the aim of highlighting its product in an enviable environment . Therefore, such an action, organized by the communication agency Best. Therefore, was intended to offer guests a metaphorical trip that would take them to London without leaving the Raddisson hotel suite. With the aim of knowing in depth the reasons that originated this initiative and the brand’s purposes for establishing itself in the Spanish market. Therefore, at we have spoken with Carlos Pérez-Somarriba, Marketing Director of González Byass.

Why have you decided to carry out this event

As you well know, The London Nº1 is a gin within the super premium sector. When analyzing the pillars of the brand, we realized that we category email list needed a new platform to get closer to the consumer, to have more engagement with them and to be able to transmit our leitmotif: One & Only. We created Suite as a place to recreate our own brand world, where the brand experience was the wrapper around the consumer, who is always located at the center in all our actions. What is the reason why you have chosen a location like Bilbao to carry it out? Bilbao is a city with great relevance for super premium gins, with a share above 15% in the area nationwide. 

Will you repeat an event like this in any other city in Spain

What plans do you have to establish yourself in the Spanish market? The London Nº1 was the 2nd super premium gin at the beginning of this BX Leads spirits category , our objective is to return the brand to the position it deserves, a challenge on our part since the market has been much more dynamic and there are many more players on the market. What is your long-term brand positioning strategy? The brand is preparing a new campaign with which we will work for the coming years. Therefore, under this brand line we will build and work to make our consumers fall in love with us.

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