This is Not the Time to Think as a Team

It was super fun and it didn’t matter because those moments are to be enjoyed. And the people there gave me affection to bore me… and then I discovered that it was my fault … Hello again! And now again, it’s nothing like the previous chapter. Where we talked about why we should create a team to undertake with better results and less stress . Just a few days ago. This is Not I started telling you about my talk at. Tribucamp and today, like the last chapter of a series, I come to tell you the rest. Before starting with the advice, I would like us to clarify some basic concepts.  Something that, together with the reflections in the previous post. Will lead you to the same conclusion that I reached a long time ago.

If we decide not to spend

And here we come to the truth, to our true fuel. That’s because if we don’t have it, we feel crazier than an expired Slime. But when it floods us, we have more or less the same energy as when Buh smiles in the city of monsters. Happiness is what we seek, it is. What we need and it is the true fuel that moves us. The more happiness we experience, the more we are able to do, to grow, to build. Happiness, my friend, is the kerosene company data that will make you conquer the clouds. No other thing. But we have been taught to think of other “fuels” Don’t you agree? I saw you on camera and. You looked like the typical Chinese car dashboard cat , nodding all the time. Not to say anything else. 

This is Not alone is crazy 

So the most common situation is : I’m not going to invest any of my personal money but. I have no BX Leads qualms about sacrificing a lot of personal time, mine or my family’s, working from dawn to dusk. No, I’m not going to work more than 8 hours even if. That means I feel a chest-crushing frustration that prevents me from smiling when I’m “on me time.” Be careful with “the safe thing”, which sometimes plays tricks on you… There has always been talk of the “opportunity cost” which says that. When you do something you stop doing other things. Every decision we make has an impact on our balance of assets and liabilities of happiness.

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