How to translate the audio of a video

Therefore, VEED is a video translation tool that works completely online, so it is not necessary to download the software on your devices to use it.

Therefore, When you upload videos to this website, subtitles are automatically generated that you can then translate into more than 100 languages, including English, Spanish, Chinese, Russian and Arabic.

This website manages a level of accuracy of 95% when generating subtitles, meaning that you. Therefore, only have to edit a few words, saving you the work of manually writing subtitles and transcriptions.

To translate videos with this tool, you must follow these steps:

Translate videos with VEED

This tool divides its plans as follows:

Free: This plan allows unlimited 720p watermarked exports. In other words, creating executive email list videos up to 10 minutes, and producing up to 30 minutes of subtitles. In other words,
Basic: Costing $12/month, this plan allows you to export 1080p quality videos up to 25 minutes long. Additionally, it removes the watermark.
Pro: This plan offers AI editing tools, 120 minutes of subtitles, subtitle translation and export, and several other features for $24/month.
Business: The cost of this plan is 59 USD/month and offers various features such as custom templates. In other words, 4K video exports, 600 minutes of subtitles, among others.

VEDD plans and pricing

In conclusion, Kapwing is an AI-based online audio and video translator that BX Leads supports more than. In conclusion, 60 languages ​​and is capable of automatic translation.

To use this video translation tool, you just have to follow the following steps:

Upload the video you want to translate, and if it is already uploaded to the internet, paste the link.
Select from the 60 available languages ​​and translated. In conclusion, subtitles will be added to your video. Afterwards, you can review them manually and customize the translation.
In conclusion, When the video is already translated based on your preferences, you can download it and share it.

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