This further shortens the sales cycle

This further Facilitate the reordering of refillable products Again using data and purchase history. For the entire category of refillable products such as body lotions, creams, food and other essential nes. It is possible to calculate the time period between two orders. Anticipating the ne and providing the solution even before the problem arises is a solution. That satisfies both the user, who only nes to confirm, and the company, which can automate. The process starting from a simple message. Answer questions and solve problems An always valid assumption. That is never wrong to repeat users are inclin to buy online when their questions are answer. Solving problems and doubts represent two tasks that chat-bas conversational commerce. Can and must take on to improve the shopping experience.

Strategies bas on certain data

Conversational commerce practical examples Return to inde. The advantages and risks of seo expater bangladesh ltd conversational commerce. Huge prospects of advantage, both in quantitative and qualitative terms, correspond to some risks and dangers to take into consideration. The advantages Let’s start by summarizing and illustrating all the possible benefits that the implementation of conversational commerce could bring to your business. Increas sales Conversations generate conversions, as the purchase path is easier and more direct Greater return on investment. ROI Chatbots are not self-sufficient and probably never will be, but the integration between machine and human.

Will provide real answers preferences

Allows you to save money and guarantee temporal continuity potentially all day, every day. According to research by Juniper Research , chatbots will save billion by.  Not on prictive analyses. The log of conversations between bots and customers and concerns to create BX Leads improvements to the service. Personalize the experience through artificial intelligence The user has a history that defines their traits and allows the bot to be more useful and make navigation and the experience personaliz Increas engagement. The customer is interest because they make the first move. Capturing attention and keeping it high were two problems inferior only to transforming attention into conversion.

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