Do I have to sign the contract by hand

Do I have books, accounting documents constituting the basis for entries in these books. Or without the permission of this authority, left the place of operation before its completion. IMPORTANT – the amount of the fine in may be up to. When imposing a disciplinary penalty, the tax authority should explain. The existence of the grounds for its application unauthoriz and unjustifi behavior of a given person. As well as determine the degree of culpability of the person punish and the possible consequences of evading the impos obligation. The financial situation of the convict person should also be taken into account. There may be several different reasons – undesirable behavior.

Justifying imposing a Do I have disciplinary penalty

On a given person. In the event of such accumulation, one disciplinary penalty should be impos judgment. Of the Provincial Administrative Court in Szczecin of May. Indexation of the procural amount of a disciplinary penalty in tax proceings Particular attention should be paid to the provision of Art. a of the Tax Ordinance, according to which: The amount philippines photo editor referr to in Art. Is subject to an increase each year to the extent corresponding to the increase in prices of consumer goods and services in the first two quarters of a given year in relation to the same period of the previous year, and if this indicator is negative, the amount does not change.

The minister responsible

For public finances, in consultation with the President of the Central Statistical Office, announces, by way of a notice, in the Official Journal of the Republic of BX Leads Poland “Monitor Polski”, by August of a given year, the amount referr to in , rounding it to full hundrs of zlotys excluding tens of zlotys . In , the fine is. While in the previous year.

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