Therefore, on March 25, in the same

You have to look for a job, you never know. According to the list and schedule of Russian releases in the spirit of the time: no answer, no greetings. Glavred spoke again today, like why AVK is silent about the results of the trip to the Ministry of Culture. There is only an official release in TASS from the Ministry of Culture itself. So here is the answer for you – there is only what the Ministry of Culture said, and he said that he knows everything, is worried, concerned and will ask for the support of cinemas. I also tell him that AVK successfully went to the Ministry of Culture – right before March 25th.

Before the cultural worker’s day

Ministry of Culture expressed concern, concern about the state of cinemas. Although personally I would be in the place of the state, having listened to a peppy story about how great it is that we are left without this American content, which will Lebanon Phone Number List quickly, effectively be replaced by Latin American, Indian, Chinese and Korean films, I didn’t even fuss. With such good fellows, the most effective top managers, And it turns out that cinemas will have enough money for annual taxes for the first quarter of 2022. And if they are absent, you have to go and take it somewhere to get money, which, among other things, you need to give to the one from whom you borrowed money for annual taxes.

Because taxes must

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ALWAYS be paid – even in the context of a hybrid economic war! The editor-in-chief again carefully twists his finger at his temple and says that I may not know something, but suddenly it is necessary to say so to everyone now, so as not to offend someone in some way. But this is my opinion, Dashkino. All. I have the same right to be wrong, if that. The BX Leads editor-in-chief’s further answer is beyond the normal Russian language. I omit. So, where is it, the one that is so powerfully funded by our beloved, long-awaited domestic Russian cinema. Whoever finds the biggest candy! Notice how quiet it is. Everyone went out to the Asian field with a huge magnifying glass to look for their masterpieces, but silence about ours. Ah, I scream restlessly, alone, with tears in my eyes.

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