Ministry of Culture is Not a Friend to Us

The absence of a support plan for domestic cinemas from the Ministry of Culture raises questions both from industry representatives and from your Dasha. Wow events went. I just can’t be silent – and that’s it. I used to get so annoyed by emails. And then they suddenly stopped coming. And the mail is empty, and the smartphone does not beep. I’m not used to this kind of silence. Previously, they were called to the cinema. Now they call less often, but this morning they wrote in general that now, sorry, girlfriend, but on a weekday you don’t go to the cinema. More precisely, you won’t be able to get there – the cinema will be closed, and the sessions will take place only on Saturday and Sunday.

That is, no repertoire

A lock on the door. And for what, then, all twenty years of the glorious history of the formation of the film industry from the knees of furniture stores, car dealerships, credit addictions and resistance to a pandemic? The Chief lifted me out of bed. Speak, speak. And what is there to say. About what? You better lift the Ministry of Culture from Lithuania Phone Number List their sofas and pitchings. They were supposed to speak the day before yesterday and answer people where the domestic cinema is going, where are the results of the unceasing Stakhanovist film production of a ten-year period, what is the program for getting out of the situation, what should cinemas do with debts and how to live on.

The chief was bombarded

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With questions, hints, suspicions, versions that they would bring everyone to a debt tsugunder (someone also said that he had to climb into Wikipedia while he was still working), and then the boar would be taken away. Like in the series “Trotsky” with Khabensky. People began to take pills and put forward a new version about a panic attack. Again, that means, to bring to this very only now nervous zugunder. Itself something itched from the BX Leads overexertion of this with you, my disturbing you. Meanwhile, the Chief reports on the results of the release of Batman in America. Teasing, bad person. But, apparently, he himself guesses that he is not telling us about that. He falls silent, fixes his gaze again over our bright restless heads somewhere in the distance.

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