The use of AI in Blogging

Target the topic not just the keyphrase. There are easy ways to quickly find the relat phrases to include and the subtopics to cover. We’ll do this two ways: first by hand then with a tool. Semantic SEO by hand I personally did this by hand for years before I ever us paid tools. The idea is to simply make a list of closely relat phrases that you can refer to when you start making SEO copy its. You can use paper and pen. Google Search Console Go back to the report from Step 1. Are there any queries in that report that aren’t actually

Cover in the content

If so add them to the list. Google suggest / autocomplete Just start typing in your target keyphrase and see what Google suggests. Enter the phrase into to many b2b leads more phrases suggest by Google YouTube etc. See any that should be includ? Add them to the list. People also ask box These are the questions and answers Google believes to be relat to your topic. It is a goldmine for the SEO content marketer. Enter the phrase into to see many more questions. Any questions your

Page could answer

Add them to the list. Relat searches at the bottom of a search results page Look for relat phrases at the bottom of the page. Any phrases you miss? Click a few. Keep digging. Getting any new ideas? Add BX Leads them to the list. Bold text in the snippets on search results pages Less obvious but just what you’re looking for. If Google bold the text in the SERP it shows that the phrase is semantically relat deep within Google’s top-

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