Blogging Effectiveness and Challenges

Title header and body text? You can check using the Control + F test. This is just the “find” feature in the browser. It shows the keyphrase usage on the page. To check if the keyphrase is in the title look at the text in the browser tab. Does the phrase appear on the page? Where does it appear? In the title header and body text? Do the words appear all together as a “bond phrase” or is it broken up? What about the closely relat phrases? It’s possible that the phrase hardly appear on the page at all. It’s possible the ranking was

Completely by accident

If so you now have an opportunity to indicate the relevance and improve the rankings with very little effort. If the phrase isn’t in the title header and body text then this page wasn’t really search-optimiz. The Google b2b email list rankings were accidental. You have found a page that wasn’t well-optimiz. 4. Find the semantically-relat phrases Now that you’ve found the low-hanging fruit you’re ready to do some high-impact SEO. Search engines don’t really match letters words and phrases. They match the searcher’s intent with pages that

Cover that topic

 This is call Semantic SEO. So you ne to go beyond the target keyword. That means touching on the relat subtopics answering the relat questions. When we do this we spread out the keyphrase BX Leads relevance and indicate to the search engine that this is a high-quality comprehensive URL likely to satisfy the searchers information nes. Adding detail that is closely relat to the main topic improves Google rankings by showing the search engine that the page is inde one of the best pages for the primary keyphrase. In other words:

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