The Retention Game Is Changing: TikTok Bets On Gaming

Known to popularize short content videos. And being copied by other social media giants. Like youtube and instagram, is now running to a new. And engaged audience. According to a report by reuters, the brand. Owner of has begun running some tests in vietnam. So that users can play games inside the video-sharing platform. Besides working with third-party  we should also have in. Mind that  acquired  in 2021 for $4 billion, so we can. Expect some first-party and exclusive titles in the. A commission or other incentive as a show of good faith. And watch your client base. (not to mention your professional network) grow.

What’s the take for creators and marketers

As content creators and marketers, we’re seeing a new window of opportunities to reach new audiences with interactive content. And unique reviews in-game experiences. We’re talking about interactive in-game ads, new gamification experiences for brands, and much more.

We’re living in the retention era and in order to be successful among thousands of different brands, your brand needs to create much more than just a standard and static ad. It’s crucial to create a unique experience. For users, something to be remembered . Looking for one of those services often find they also need one or more of the others, but no service provider can viably be everything to everyone.

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Has tested a way to bring HTML5 games to the platform, which is a common form of minigame, through third-party game developers BX Leads like Zynga Inc (famous for creating , which I know you’ve played at some moment of your life). The plans are to bring the gaming features for the social network to a wider audience in Southeast Asia, perhaps as early as the third quarter of 2022, according to VGC. we witness the merge of different entertainment segments into a giant battle for attention. Although we can’t see it live, it’s happening right now, on our screens.

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