My Ad Center: Google Will Allow Users To Control The Display Of Advertising By Topic Or Brand

During the annual Google I/O 2022 event, among many other news, the company announced that later this year, it will launch the “My Ad Center” platform, an advertising “hub” that will give users greater power over the ads they want to receive. According to the company, the tool will replace the current functionalities of Ad Settings and About this Ad.

This news reinforces and is perfectly aligned. With the market’s growing commitment to data privacy.

In this article, you will learn about the main changes that will take place with this new product and how brands can prepare for this new reality.

A crawl error happens when a search engine (like Google, for example) tries to reach a webpage and fails. If the page appears after a new crawl, the problem is solved. But, if it doesn’t, the page may drop.

301 Redirect is a very common action when a website is migrated.

So what’s going to change for users

In a very intuitive way, My Ad Center will allow any user to choose. Which topics and companies they want (or don`t want) to see ads for while using , the Search Network and Discovery.

Themes and brands will be presented as shown in the image below:

By clicking on the +/- buttons, users will buy phone lists inform Google that they want to receive more or less advertisements about a certain topic or from a certain company.

In addition, as you can see in the image below, the user will also be able to block certain themes that they consider sensitive. You probably passed through the experience of checking a website or a blog post, clicking on a link to check extra information and seeing a broken page. It’s annoying, right? But, more than that: dead links are bad for a SEO strategy. Recently, launched a study showing how 66.5% of links to sites have rotted in the last nine years and the main reasons why that happens.


How can brands be prepared for that

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This change strengthens the idea that brands must strive to be more and more relevant – if your business doesn’t have a solid relationship with your audience, they just won’t put your brand in their ad preferences.

This will make it difficult for your ads to “just show up” to the audience, as the audience will have the power to decide whether they want to see you or not.

And this is a very important BX Leads point when we talk about marketing strategies.

I’ve heard in a lot of places, professionals saying that paid traffic is better than organic traffic, and that’s really worrying.

is a very popular software among people who work with SEO. Some of its tools include site audits, link building, keyword research and competitor analysis, which are very helpful to build digital strategies and make better decisions.

This is very bad for the users’ experience and also for SEO because Google recognizes it as an issue that can affect the websites’ position on.

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