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Does it seem like the store doesn’t want to open and sales are dwindling day by day? You are not alone. Although the economic situation in Finland is challenging, it does not mean that you do not have enough customers. They just have to be found and told the right things to buy what you have to offer them. If you are wondering what a sales page is and whether you should write one, you can check out the posts below, where I go through the topic in more depth: essential part of your sales funnel? What is the difference between a landing page, a sales page and a home page? create a sales page? Type sales page | 7 things you should know before writing a sales page Writing a sales page – Read more about Content Academy™ 5 unnecessary mistakes on the sales page (and how to fix them quickly)  seven out of ten.

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 Visitors do not make a purchase if the sales page is not clear enough?  different things, such as for example simple and easy to read font enough white space where the eye rests few pictures and different elements lists and subheadings. At this point, the visuals should be thrown latest database in the trash and focus on making the text easy to read and understandable. 1 | The sales message is not clear. There is a clear difference between marketing and sales. The task of marketing is to arouse interest in you, your company and your products. The task of sales is to get customers to buy . So don’t focus on marketing on the sales page, but on selling.

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 When the marketing is done correctly and BX Leads long-term, the sales page’s job is only to close the deal. There is no need to use any gimmicky triplets, cliché advertising slogans or a manipulative style. clear that if a 13-year-old reads it, he will immediately understand what is being sold. How do you fix this? Create a USP for the product and create a sales message from it. 2 | The price is hidden Up to 90% of customers hate the fact that the price is not visible on the sales page . This also causes people to click themselves to checkout but then leave without making a purchase. 

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