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The American singer Ariana Grande held, for example, a virtual concert on Fortnite in August 2021 . At that event, a digital version of Ariana Grane performed her songs and did so accompanied by special effects and animations in tune with the Fortnite universe. That concert was a resounding success and garnered an audience of 78 million viewers.

For many centennials gaming

Currently, more and more music top industry data festivals (including the legendary Coachella) are betting on the synergy of online and offline experiences. 4. Don’t lose sight of gamification Video games are part of the daily lives of Generation Z. For many centennials, gaming is an integral part of socialization and communication, strengthens cohesion and serves as a starting point for a myriad of initiatives.

Sporting goods manufacturer

Through gamification, brands manage to connect much more BX Leads deeply with Generation Z. In Roblox, for example, 50 million users come together to share their own vision of the world and brands like Nike are also involved in this platform. “Nikeland”, the universe of the famous sporting goods manufacturer on Roblox, has, for example, 21 million users.

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