People Are Concerned About How Companies Are Using Their Data, Adobe Study Shows

Every year, there is a competition between bars in some cities in Brazil, my native country, in which the bar with the public’s favorite meal wins. Last week, I went with some friends to one of the participating bars and, at the end, we received a form to give our grading of the meal. 

As soon as we started filling this out, a friend questioned the amount of information requested and the reason why they would be asking for so much personal data there. He refused to fill out the form and did not vote. He didn’t know what they would do with his information.

Trust is a non-negotiable

In uncertain scenarios and with significant episodes of data leakage, more than ever, consumers are concerned about the misuse of their information.

According to the Adobe 2022 Trust Report, 67% of the interviewees intend to stop buying from brands that mishandle their data.

Using data without permission, not respecting telephone list the user’s usage preferences and/or violating other data protection policies are no longer tolerated. All care is necessary — fortunately.

As a result of uncertainty about the actual safety of data usage, consumers tend to trust brands less. This breach of trust brings the opposite impact on what, as brands, we expect from our customers.

Making good use of data

Collecting real data is a sensitive task and requires a lot of responsibility. Therefore, it is a must for professionals to make good use of it. It is up to the company to assume responsibility and be transparent with the consumer.

In addition to committing to the correct use BX Leads of personal data, it is our role to educate and generate value with the audience about why we’re collecting data and how they will benefit from it too.


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