10 Key Questions Freelancers Should Ask Clients to Succeed

Whether you’re looking for a career option that brings a lot more freedom to the table or simply want to add an extra income stream to your repertoire, you’re right to be curious about freelancing. 

A digital-age freelancer can earn a respectable, rewarding living providing a wide variety of different services to clients of all types and across all industries.

However, no new freelancer should assume one client is as good as another. 

It’s important to make sure each potential client is a good fit for your range of expertise, goals, and working style, and asking the right question can help you do that. 

Have you ever worked with a freelancer before

Clients who are new to working with freelancers are naturally going to have more questions about how the process works, why your services cost what they do, etc.

On the other hand, companies that work phone leads consistently with an entire roster of other freelancers are more likely to have a streamlined process for assigning deliverables, issuing payments, and handling milestones. 

They’re also well aware of the going market rate for services like yours, why it’s important to pay on time for services rendered, etc.

What’s your budget for this project

It’s your client’s opportunity to speak freely and address any further questions or concerns they might have.

This process is good for both you and them. It ensures BX Leads you really do know everything you need to know about the client and their project before you officially sign on. 

And it leaves your client feeling prioritized and gives them a sense of control regarding the project. If this one goes well, you’re officially ready to onboard your client and add them to your roster.

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