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Compliance with LGPD To discourage the abuse of data collect about customers, the General Data Protection Law (LGPD) came into force in Brazil in 2021 and chang the way companies capture essential information to close new sales . One of the requirements of the LGPD is to make visible and essential the choice that potential customers have to protect their own data : whether or not they agree with the terms of use and privacy explain by your business. A landing page creator ensures that you don’t skip this very important item when capturing your leads’ data — something that can be very expensive for each infraction. Infractions start from mild, go through mium and lead to serious.

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A simple fine ranges from 2% of your business’s gross revenue to R$50 million per infraction; A mium fine may partially suspend the use new data  of data collect relating to the infraction for a maximum (and extendable) period of 6 months; Serious infractions can involve daily fines and a total ban on your business operating on the Internet. Don’t be silly! Security Has it ever happen that you access a website and the “Not Secure” message appears? With the popularization of HTTPS , which has even become a Google ranking criterion , it is becoming less and less common to find sites like this, but they have not yet become extinct. Certain landing page creation tools do not offer a security certificate for the pages.

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Which is even worse, given that the vast majority of landing pages have forms for requesting data. Remembering that this is not just visual or to provide security: HTTPS landing pages actually offer more protection , such as the principles of confidentiality, integrity and authentication! Tip: Learn how to generate more leads using Google to  BX Leads  your advantage Responsiveness Yes! It is still necessary to talk about responsiveness , as there are companies and tools that produce landing pages that do not adapt to smaller screens. It’s no longer just about something that’s “good for SEO ” or that “impacts the conversion rate”: Having pages that adapt and also offer great experiences with mobile devices has become a matter of survival in the online world.

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