7 tips to optimize your Google Ads campaign

7 tips to free tools to find keywords for your articles . Do you want to optimize your seo-side items to position yourself on the front page? Use these 5 free tools to find the best keywords. In the article seo: what it is and how it works, in simple words. We talk about why search engine optimization is essential to.  Position yourself on google and beat your competitors. You’ve also learn what keywords are meantkeyword, I.E. The keywords us.  By users on search engines to find products, services or information. In this article we will delve into the topic, showing you how to.  Find the right keywords, the free tools that we use to find them and where to insert them in your article. What are the keywords?

Ragiona on the sender

When a user performs a search, also call a query . In the technical jargon, the search engine analyzes all the pages . Ontain in his servers and presents a page where all the . Best results are shown, the so-call serp, by search engine result page  Special Data The pages within the serp are not random, but are sort by an.  Algorithm that assigns it a precise value, bas on a number of known and non-known factors. One of these factors is the correlation.  Between the words us by the user in his search and the words contain within the page. When a search engine analyzes a page, .  It can figure out what its content is by evaluating the words us inside, . Their frequency and their location.

Put the “news” in the object

Let’s take an example: if you are looking for  “milan hotels”, . Search engines will introduce you to dozens.  Of websites on which to book your holiday in milan, while looking for . “what are the best hotels in milan”, most results will include blog  BX Leads Articles and informational content to help you choose your hotel. We are talking about two different intentions: the first is transactional type. So it assumes that you are already ready to book your holiday.  While the second is informative, it means that you have not yet.  Decid at which hotel to stay and you are looking for more information. There is also a third type of intention, which occurs when we.  Are looking for a website relat to the . Keyword us for research, the navigational intention.

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