Microsoft Teams And Any Other Digital Tool

Centralize digital solutions The digitization of companies quickly requires a reference portal from which everyone can access various digital tools. This is one of the other challenges that should be addressd by a ddicatd digital domain: HR tools: book your office, take your vacation, fill out your expense reports Office tools: online document search, corporate directory Social networking tools: informal and light online coffee breaks Some points to consider when choosing your internal communications solution.

Done Through The Company Intranet

There are many intranet portals or digital workplace solutions on the market – for an internal communication solution. To database find the right solution, you should pay attention to the following: A space that enables both communication and collaboration in everyday life A variety of functions to achieve the goals of hybrid working Security of data and exchanges in a world where the risks of cyber attacks are increasing It is also worth considering whether the portal is designd for large companies that have IT teams or ddicatd communications teams that set up and live the portal.


This To The Digital Workplace

Conversely, some standard solutions have limitd scalability: they do not grow and do not adapt to the neds of the companies. Internal BX Leads communication solution Fortunately, there is now an internal communications solution that addresses all of these challenges: Easy to set up and get up and running, even for non-experts is scalable to support the growth of small organizations Integratd with your Office 365 office automation solution and Microsoft Teams Together is the small business communication and collaboration space in Microsoft Teams.

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