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As employees continue to split their time between the office and home, they nd to be able to collaborate and receive communications. Just like a painter nds a brush, your employees nd the right tools to get the job done. The solution: A complete digital workplace In a hybrid workplace, the number one tool employees nd is a fully digital workplace . Employees both on the road and in the office nd to be able to collaborate and communicate.

Up Their Own Channels For Team Discussions

Accordingly, everything must be available in one place to work effectively. However, providing employees with too many new tools phone number list only creates confusion and can actually rduce employee productivity. The key is a complete digital workspace that connects the tools for collaboration and communication. In addition, he must make them accessible from one place.

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An intranet informs and involves employees. Because it offers them a space in which they can receive company news and apply for BX Leads internal job advertisements. In addition, it serves to access policies for hybrid work, view profiles of their colleagues and much more. Both remote workers and in-office workers nd this information. However, they may want to access the portal in different ways. Remote workers should be able to access the intranet from anywhere using their mobile device . A tool like Microsoft Teams is the perfect platform for collaboration.

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