Marketers Are Too Focused on Tactics But Should Look More Towards Strategies

48% of marketers have chosen social media marketing as their top area of desired growth, while other essential skills are being neglected.

Recently, Unsupervised surveyed 748 marketers to better understand their preferences regarding tools, professional aspirations, and goals. 

Two research findings caught my attention

That’s why I decided to write this article to discuss the importance of being a strategic marketer and about essential Marketing skills.

The Most Desired Area of Growth

If you ask a marketer who is just starting out what they are most interested in learning, they will likely say Social Media. 

The survey indicated that social media. Marketing is the most desired area of growth for 48% of respondents.

Social media being such a popular area phone lists may lead marketers to take incorrect strategic decisions or neglect other important Marketing skills.

When it comes to social media skills, it’s important not to get caught up in the belief that it’s the most crucial skill for a marketer. Focusing solely on social media may limit your career growth and make you a less valuable professional.

So How Can Someone Become a Strategic Marketer

You might be wondering what strategic thinking has to do with skills that marketers most want to develop.

Being strategic can help professionals BX Leads who are starting to advance in their careers, as well as help Marketing managers make better decisions.

Well, in short, being strategic is about identifying changes and challenges, and designing an effective plan to address them. As we explain in this article about the Strategy Model for marketers, a good strategy has these three essential.

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