You need to create stories that connect with your readers’, says Byron White, WriterAccess founder

Back in 1996, Bill Gates stated that content was king and a key element for the internet to thrive. And we all know that he sure was right. Since then, a whole lot has happened in the world of content creation, so much so that having a content strategy has become a cornerstone of any successful Digital Marketing strategy.

The scenario in the 1990s looks like another universe considering what content creation has become. SEO, social media, search engines, copywriting and many more concepts have come up to play, and have turned out to be a big deal for marketers and writers.

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Yeah, like if you’re a copywriter, like that’s a very in writing style. That’s writing copy to transform browsers into believers and believers phonelist into buyers. That’s your job. It’s copywriting. If you call yourself a content creator. That’s not so much that job description. So perhaps, that’s why they’re but, you know, I’m just trying to make everyone happy and we all know that’s impossible.  I did a webinar about that long ago. It was really really popular mostly among writers.

Is there any conflict there or do you suggest combining the two

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And there are very secret ways, by the way, that Google doesn’t disclose to the world, where they learn your abandonment of a web page. One would BX Leads think that Google would learn from Google Analytics whether customers are bouncing off your page right, because Google has that information. what they can secretly do is to look at your time.

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