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 The first thing you should do is click on this link to go to the main page of the platform. Next, you will find a top menu where you can register in the. What is  section, but remember that it is not a necessary step.Due to the rise of teleworking and being in a globalized work environment, the demand for digital tools that allow sending large numbers of files has become important. That’s why today I want to show you. What is WeTransfer is and how it works so that you can learn to get the most. Therefore, out of this great tool that will surely make your life easier when sending images.

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Therefore, created specifically to be able top people data to send large files in a comfortable, easy and simple way without the need to register. it may result in no to be able to fulfill the purpose for which they are requested. From there, the person who receives it will have 7 days to download the content you sent them. If it is not yet clear to you how WeTransfer works, let me guide you in more detail in the following lines. How to send large files with WeTransfer in Spanish in 6 steps 1. Access the WeTransfer page how to send large files by wetransfer.

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Manager Name BX Leads E-mail I have read and accept the privacy policy. Advantages and disadvantages. But there is always some that they do not know or perhaps do not pay too much attention to.How WeTransfer works Its use is very simple, all you have to do is enter the official WeTransfer website and there you will see a box on the left where you will have to cover the following parameters. For example, with Gmail you can only send up to 25 MB of files to a user. WeTransfer what it is and how to send large files in Spanish.

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