Because everything revolves around the recognition

Execution the third phase is the most extensive and complex of the process. Execution is responsible for putting everything into operation: channels, processes, roles and actions. To do this, we must overcome four subphases: i. Create an inclusive culture within the company . To obtain an omnichannel business we must have people with an omnichannel vocation. Before technology, it is a business attitude. Those who want to migrate towards this must instill collaborative and integrated work in their collaborators. For everything to work, there must be individual commitment, excellent internal communication channels between areas and a determined attitude towards transferring information and knowledge. Ii. Design the methodology for customer recognition .

This is the starting point to achieve omnichannel

Once the integrative culture has been planted b2b email list and developed within the business, the most important task of the transformation process towards omnichannel can be addressed: the early identification of customers. Here, the organization must create the mechanisms that it will use to tag its customers and to collect the information it needs from each of them. This is the starting point to achieve omnichannel. Because everything revolves around the recognition of the interlocutor. If the company fails to establish these procedures, it will not be able to have fluid conversations when there is a channel jump or design personalized marketing actions . Iii. Choose the tool that will centralize the information .

Company relationship through the different

The next step is choosing the platform that will store. Classify and provide BX Leads the information that is captured in the previous stage. This tool must be easy to use and offer advanced integration possibilities with other platforms. Do you want to name this tool? Perfect, call it crm software ( customer relationship management ). We do not like to talk directly about a crm because there are other tools that go much further and integrate other processes into a single system. What is needed, then, more than a particular tool, is a platform that fulfills the assigned functions: storing all the information that is generated in the client. Company relationship through the different channels, providing that information in an agile and organized way to whoever needs it—people or integrated tools—and allow the design of.

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