Google’s New Language Tool Raises Questions About The Importance Of Communicating Inclusively

Recently, Google announced a new “inclusive language” function that is intended to flash a warning if writers use words that may not be inclusive to all readers. 

Have you ever thought about the power of the words as a tool to create a more inclusive environment? 

According to a global survey conducted by Adobe with its clients, 61% of the respondents find inclusiveness and diversity in advertising important, moreover, 76% of job seekers view a diverse workforce as an important factor when evaluating companies and considering job offers, based on a Glassdoor survey.

Write diverse and inclusive examples and avoid bias

Learn more about how to use gender-neutral language;

To be able to be more sensitive phone number lists and write for a global audience you should bring diverse examples about different cultural practices, figures of speech, and avoid being specific about only one culture; 

When writing about older adults, avoid terms and figures of speech such as the elderly, the aged, seniors, senior citizens, or 80 years young. Instead, use terms such as older adults or aging population;

Don’t describe people without disabilities as normal or healthy. This contributes to othering and alienation of people with disabilities by implying that they are abnormal or sick

Wrap up

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Marketers and everyone who leads communication needs to ensure everyone feels included and represented in brand messages. With that in BX Leads mind we can start a positive movement to inspire and create a chain of companies truly interested in creating an inclusive and diverse environment. 

Learn with great examples from the market, such as Google’s new feature

Strategically look into how you communicate today, and learn (via this article) tips on how to improve and make your communication reflect your business, culture and DNA

Train and teach your team on how to be more responsible when communicating.

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