Social Media Engagement Strategies

Social Media Well this post is going to be a little different pandemic marketing than previous years, isn’t it? I guess that’s true for most things in 2020, so it’s no longer surprising. Usually when December rolls around, we wax poetic about the joy of Thanksgiving, which adds to the joy and wonder of the holiday season, culminating in Christmas and New Year’s Eve. Then we write our annual marketing predictions publication and all is right with the world.

Social Media 5 Predictions for 2021

I have no doubt that the number of Zero Click searches increased again in 2020. Although the data to prove this is harder to come by than last email database year. Anecdotally, three fairly large sites I work on received about 20% less. Organic traffic year over year for 11 months of 2020 vs. 2019. This is enough for us to make a point. While in most cases data is extremely important for us to win.

The future of post-pandemic marketing

While we were not happy by any means. This is a huge victory and was partially helped by the pandemic. It’s no secret BX Leads that COVID-19 has pushed retail to the brink as more and more brands move sales online. Obviously, human customer service touchpoints, via email and phone lines, played a huge role in this, but so did chatbots. 85% of customer interaction will be handled without human agents by 2021.

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