Retargeting and Remarketing Strategies

Retargeting and As the world’s largest network of digital marketing agencies. Get more leads we’ve seen challenges many businesses face. As a way to give back to our digital marketing community, we’ve created this webinar on how to get more leads from your landing pages hosted by Marty Greif , a conversion rate optimization expert, author, speaker, and president of SiteTuners .

Leads From Your Landing Pages

In its broadest sense, a landing page is any page a user lands on first, for example email leads a dedicated landing page, your home page, or an SEO page. By shifting your mindset to focus on how you can drive traffic that actually converts, you’ll align your PPC, SEO, and social media marketing with the goal of conversion. Present navigation and calls to action in a simple and consistent way; Again, don’t make visitors think too much.

Get More Leads page

Are you selfish? As humans, we are instinctively  and naturally BX Leads selfish, including marketers. Inadvertently, mistakes like closed content, long forms, too much content, etc., get in the way of better conversion rates. When user intent, website experience (on your landing page), and your business goals are aligned and balanced, magic happens.

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