Cloudflare SEO Pros and Cons That Can Affect Google Rankings

Your website is the business center of your online world. Focusing on ways to make it pleasing to viewers, however, is only one part of the puzzle.

Features underlying the site to improve the customer experience are equally important, if not more so.

As a matter of fact, website speed and security are two of the most crucial factors for reaching higher status on search engine results pages.

Finding ways to improve that website speed and security, then, and create an even better experience for your visitors is an essential focus.

What is Cloudflare

Essentially,  is a specialized content delivery network (CDN) that takes over your site’s DNS servers.

As such, it filters out the bad requests purchase phone lists and only sends the good ones to your website content, therefore allowing a quicker. Response time for those potential customers.

This increase in speed can lead to a boost in Google rankings.

Security-Related Features

Consumers today want to know that cloud data security is foremost in the mind of online businesses.

Before entering a credit card number BX Leads or phone number on a subscription or order page, they want some level of assurance that you are protecting what they provide.

Website security is also a search engine ranking factor.

To help with the security aspects of your website, then, the following features are available within.

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